Thursday, January 28, 2010

Topic: Long lost songs...separated at birth

Ever have a popular song that you know and then years later you come across a song that sounds almost exactly the same. You think, well that's gotta be a total rip from the original. But in these three cases, I discovered the ORIGINAL years after the carbon copy. And I like all 6 songs, but can never listen to the second version now without thinking of the original.

If you've never heard any of these, here's the three cases:
Case #1

Green Day's self titled track was a refreshing jolt to modern rock at the turn of the century with a jangly guitar/bass fusion that was even different for them. Then in 2004, The Kinks "Picture Book" came out in a Hewlett-Packard commercial. The similarity-uncanny.

Case # 2
Elastica-Connection (1994) vs. Wire-Three Girl Rhumba(1977)

The intro line to Elastica's 1995 hit is so close to Wire's post punk hidden gem it's ridiculous. Wire took them to court and got an out of court settlement worth no compensation.

Case # 3

Rage Against The Machine-Sleep Now In The Fire (2000) vs. Stooges-T.V. Eye (1970)

Always loved the guitar intro Tom Morello used in Rage's hit "Sleep Now In The Fire". Then I picked up the Stooges "Fun House" for my back catalog a couple years later and was thrown that the Stooges had almost the same guitar line in their mash up "T.V. Eye"

I know there's only 12 notes a band can play, but these songs, they're identical twins separated at birth....but I enjoy them all.

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  1. I had no idea the Kinks did that song. Kicks Butt.