Monday, November 1, 2010

The year was....2004

 Random playlist for 2004:
1. N.E.R.D.-She Wants To Move
Bring the funk Pharrell and company. And bring the funk they did.
2. The Beta Band-Assessment
The song borrows from early U2 and the video is just superb. Unfortunately, it was the end for the band.
3. Modest Mouse-Float On
Who made it through the summer of 2004 without hearing "Float On". Not I. Left field hit of the year.
4. U2-Vertigo
Probably U2's best single of the decade. 1-2-3-14.
5. Gwen Stefani-Hollaback Girl
2004 was full of guilty pleasures, this has to be at the top of the list.
6. Franz Ferdinand-Take Me Out
Art rockers from Scotland bring a danceable hit to the table. "I know I won't be leaving here...."
7. The Walkmen-Little House Of Savages
Can't think of many songs where organ/drum combo propels a song to the stratosphere.
8. Morrissey-First Of The Gang To Die
Morrissey comeback. And it was quite good The last of the playboys to the first of the gang.
9. Green Day-American Idiot
I'm over this. But it does paint the year where Green Day won the lottery.
10. Wilco-Handshake Drugs
"Taxi cab was driving me the handshake drugs I bought downtown...."
11. Loretta Lynn w/Jack White-Portland, Oregon
Perhaps, my favorite duet in the last 20 years. Me and AHO's theme song for nights at the bar.
12. Kelly Clarkson-Since U Been Gone
Miss Clarkson struck gold in the hearts of fourteen year old teens and 55 year old critics everywhere.

7 Albums worth revisiting from 2004:
1. Arcade Fire-Funeral
2. The Streets-A Grand Don't Come For Free
3. Loretta Lynn-Van Lear Rose
4. Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand
5. Kanye West-The College Dropout
6. Drive By Truckers-The Dirty South
7. Modest Mouse-Good New For People Who Love Bad News

Random Quote From a 2004 Song:
Jealousy/Turning Saints Into The Sea/Turning Through Sick Lullaby/Joking On Your Alibi/But It's Just The Price I Pay/Destiny Is Calling Me/Open Up My Eager Ears
The song....

Random Thoughts On A Song From 2004:  
Every time you close your eyes. Lies! Lies! As strikingly good as Arcade Fire's debut album "Funeral" was, "Rebellion" is the one song that with it's anthemic qualities notches a gash in the pole for helping make the band relevant and the first cornerstone to legendary status. Will we be talking about Arcade Fire in some shape or form twenty years from now? I'd like to think so. I bought the album on a wave of good criticism, and by the end of 2004, was delighted at hearing an album full of mournful tones with joyful melodies. "Rebellion" fits that mold perfectly with Win Butler's lyrics portraying a sort of Pied Piper calling for children not to believe the lies they hear from their parents over a stomping march and the band backing his chorus with a chant of Lies! Lies! I remember driving to my new home in Indianapolis from Connecticut in the late spring of 2005, a few months after the release of "Funeral", listening to the album, ready for another chapter to start in my life, when I turned on the radio and there was "Rebellion" playing somewhere outside Scranton.  It's not like they've built a franchise on radio hits, but they've become the country's biggest cult band since 2004 selling out Madison Square Garden for two nights. Those kind of successes are phenomenal to hear and see, and it all goes back to this fine anthem they unleashed on the world in 2004. Well played. Sleeping is actually giving go out and enjoy life while you can, just be wary.
Every time you close your eyes.... 

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