Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Green Bay/Pittsburgh Super Bowl Playlist

Could it come down to a Suisham Field Goal?
Perhaps the NFL's two most storied franchises. One has the trophy named after the coach who won the first Super Bowl. The other, the most dominating team in the Super Bowl era. It should be a game for the ages or, the last game of football we see in a long time if there is a lockout. But let's hope not. We don't need to see Shane Falco playing for our favorite team this upcoming autumn.

The task at hand is to put together a playlist for your Super Bowl with a little Western Pennsylvania flavor and a little Dairy State flavor. Growing up outside Pittsburgh like I did, I'm well aware that there are millions of Steelers songs available. I believe there are people who get by just writing parody songs for the Steelers for a living. Some are hysterical, and some are cringe-worthy. What I didn't know was that the same can be said for the folks up in Wisconsin (CWA? Cheeseheads With Attitude~Really?). So what I've done is mixed together sixteen songs, being fair and giving equal representation here (eight for each) including football songs and well known artists from the area.

For the game itself, I did pick the Packers to win the Super Bowl in the 2010 preview. But alas, a change in that prediction must be made. Who knew back in September that the Stillers would overcome Big Ben's suspension, Rashard Mendenhall would be a force and the defense instead of getting older would simply just be getting better. I said take the Saints and the points last year and was correct, I 'm telling you to take the Steelers and the 2.5 points. They are truly "Knockin' On Seven's Door".
Final Score: Pittsburgh 23/Green Bay 21.

Click on links for youtube cuts (Two personal favorites here are BlackMahal and The Replicates)
1. Pittsburgh Steelers Polka
2. Green Bay Fight Song
3. Stairway To Seven (Steelers)
4. Cheese and Packers (Packers)
5. Here We Go Steelers (2010-11) (Steelers)
6. The Replicates-Aaron Rodgers Seems Alright (Packers)
7. Steeler Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Steelers)
8. Pat McCurdy-We Love The Green and Gold (Packers)
9. The Clarks-Cigarette (Steelers)
10. Bon Iver-Wisconsin (Packers)
11. BlackMahal-Black Gold and Silver (Lombardi Baby) (Steelers)
12. Bruce Kerr-The Cheesehead Song (Wisconsin) (Packers)
13. Styx-Renegade (Steelers)
14. C.W.A.-I'm A Cheesehead Baby (Packers)
15. Donnie Iris-Ah Leah! (Steelers)
16. Violent Femmes-American Music (Packers)


  1. Where is Steel It Steelers? One of the ten best homemade Steeler Disco songs?- BlackMahal song should have some staying power. Can't you have the video crew do a Dirty Frank Steeler video ala Renegade? Hope your prediction is correct.

  2. I neglected Steel it Steelers. There's just too many, but their quality is so much better than the Packers songs. What the Steelers need to do is draft someone with the first name Frank in the draft this year so they can play Dirty Frank at home games.

  3. I couldn't agree more. The combine weighs too heavy on scouts-they should do what hollywood has done-what is the best marketing angle. I hope they only draft players named Frank. Except for Frank Pollard who rounds out your top 5 Steelers named Frank?

  4. All I have is Frank Summers and Frank Lewis. I think Frank Pollard was the ultimate "Dirty Frank".
    I can see Mel Kiper Jr. on draft day. "Some folks think the Steelers should go with a guy named Frank....and I couldn't agree with them more, how about Frank Shumar from NE Idaho State, he's an OL and his name is Frank."

  5. I think the song "Feelin' So Fly Like a Cheesehead" should be on the playlist as well.