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2012 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Nominations and Odds of Induction....

As with many things in life, I like to throw out the odds of what will take place. Sometimes I'll be in a day to day situation and just go "5:1, that gas station's price will go up when I leave home for work that night" or "200:1, we'll someday get a beach house and retire in Maui". I believe I was a bookie in a former life, one that thrives on competition and odds of victory. It's sometimes not about the game's outcome though, rather the expectations leading up to it.

And so another class of artists have been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. The older I get, the more the artists resonate with me through my own life. Personally, the Cure and Beastie Boys making the hall this time would encapsulate two bands who have ridden shotgun with me through at least two thirds of my adult life...that would be something spectacular. But I still see the constant omissions of artists from the 70's that get no love each year: Kiss, Rush, Gram Parsons, Joy me these artists probably belong even before my own personal favorites from the 80's and forward so it's a double edged sword. Today I post what I think are the odds of induction to this year's hall. Payoffs are not guaranteed! Ha!

Remember, the Hall elects 5 to 7 each year, so let's go on the side of optimism and give an asterik to the top 7. Below odds is my personal 7 of the 15, that would delight me to make it.

The Odds and "Who" will make it in:
* Donovan: 3:1
Mellow Yellow is due. Hard to believe he's not in yet.
Video: "Sunshine Superman"

* Guns 'n Roses: 4:1
The relevance of "Appetite For Destruction" is too much for anyone casting a vote to ignore.
Video: "Paradise City"

* Beastie Boys: 5:1
After not getting in last year, I think this is the safest bet of the bunch.
Video: "Shadrach"

* The Spinners: 7:1
The Spinners have the longest tenure, the most successful being the 70's. I'm saying this is the time "Rubberband Man" gets played on stage.
Video: "Rubberband Man"

* Freddie King: 10:1
The deceased King seems ripe for induction as this class' blues man.
Video: "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone"

* Red Hot Chili Peppers: 14:1
Well, there's got to be a reason to have them nominated a second time in a row. That being, the RHCP will get theirs this time as the band still releasing material to adorning fans today. If they don't make it, maybe it's because they're similar in "party style" to the Beastie Boys? If so, replace them with Rufus and Chaka Khan below...wait until Jane's Addiction is eligible.
Video: "Fight Like A Brave"

* Laura Nyro: 15:1
The late Nyro had a nomination last year and is my pick as the only female to make the class this time around.
Video: "Wedding Bell Blues"

War: 18:1
This seems like a safe pick, like Traffic several years before. A gambler's happy hit would be to take Eric Burdon and friends...but then again, how big WAS War????
Video: "Why Can't We Be Friends"

The Cure: 18:1
Of course I'd be tickled to see Robert Smith, Simon Gallup and company get in on the first nomination. They've got perhaps the most lengthy discography and lengthy success of an ever changing rock band since 1979, of the nominees. But I don't think they're getting in...not yet at least.
Video: "A Forest"

Rufus w/ Chaka Khan: 20:1
Hey, it wouldn't completely surprise me to see Rufus and Chaka Khan make it. But that's some stiff competition up there....
Video: "Tell Me Something Good"

Eric B. & Rakim: 30:1
I saw this and thought a shoe in at first. But for the Hall to give in to two pioneer rap outfits in the same induction...not gonna happen. I'll play "Paid In Full" all of 2012 to prep for 2013.
Video: "I Know I Got Soul"

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: 30:1
Yes, "I Love Rock' n Roll" is an anthem for the hall. But is it enough to push aside other competition?
Video: "I Love Rock 'n Roll"

Heart: 40:1
Maybe it's years of washed down hits from the 80's that has soured me from Heart. They had good big hits in the 70's that are worthwhile, but not enough to get in.
Video: "Barracuda"

The Small Faces/Faces: 50:1
To be honest...huge in England, especially the Small Faces. Here? "Stay With Me"? A reason to get Ron Wood and Rod Stewart on stage would be only reason for induction this time out.
Video: "Itchycoo Park"

Donna Summer: 60:1
In some circles, Summer seems like a left field pick. But as I see, she's the biggest long shot of the batch. Will the voters give a nod to a disco queen? Not this time. And I like Donna Summer!
Video: "I Feel Love"

jhostation's "Personal 7"..the ones I'll be rooting for....
The Beastie Boys
The Cure
Eric B. & Rakim
Guns' N Roses
Rufus w/ Chaka Khan
Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2012 Nominees In Depth: Click Here

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