Monday, April 2, 2012

New & Noteworthy: Japandroids, Suckers, Garbage, Alabama Shakes, Sun Kil Moon

Japandroids-"The House That Heaven Built"
The rock duo known as the Japandroids are back with the first single off their sophomore effort. The song? "The House That Heaven Built" continues in the same vein as their debut album "Post Nothing" with fuzzed out guitars and a repetitive chorus that will stick to your cranium like glue. On "The House...", lead vocalist Brian King continually reminds you to "Tell them all go to hell." The song is a beaut. The guitars still maintain a raw feeling and David Prowse still gives a fury behind the kit, but things feel a bit more in control, which actually works just fine (Think No Age perhaps). "Celebration Rock" is due out on June 5th...I'm expecting good things from this.

Suckers-"Turn On The Sunshine"
Suckers are quirky, Talking Head influenced, and smart songwriters. Their sophomore album "Candy Salad" is due out on April 24th and from the sounds of "Turn On The Sunshine", it seems like the giddy romps from their debut "Wild Smile" are still present. "Wild Smile" made Honorable Mention on the Top Albums Of 2010 on station to station, let's see if this Brooklyn based band can keep up the momentum with another effort.

Garbage-"Battle In Me"
Shirley Manson, Butch Vig....Garbage is back with their first album in seven years. IS there still an interest for the band? Well let's put it this way. With the recent outpouring of female led indie rock bands (Sleigh Bells comes to mind first) there is still room for Manson's sensual come-ons in the music world. And from their first single "Battle In Me", it may sound tame, but that chorus that Vig (I suppose) has come up with, it'll due fine. I'm gonna give "Not Your Kind Of People" a proper listen when it's released on May 15th. It may not open new doors, but it could be fun with some old acquaintances.

Alabama Shakes-"You Ain't Alone"
Alabama Shakes self titled EP turned a lot of critics' heads at the end of 2011. And what's not to love about this Americana Soul band from Alabama. Lead singer Brittany Howard brings to mind a cross between Janis Joplin and Otis Redding with every syllable she mutters (And I mean that as huge compliment). Because Alabama Shakes is truly indebted their sound to classic soul, and even a little CCR here and there, doesn't mean it's not original. If anything, it sounds fresh (I'm comparing it to last year's Charles Bradley's "No Time For Dreaming" for entertainment purposes). Their debut "Girls & Boys drops April 10th...give the whole thing a listen now over at NPR: First Listen.

Sun Kil Moon-"Sunshine In Chicago"
On May 29th, singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek's project Sun Kil Moon will release "Among The Leaves". It's the projects' sixth full studio album. One of the first offerings I could find is "Sunshine In Chicago" which continues Kozelek's triumphant spell of light acoustical mood pieces. Light and airy, but still full of a lot of emotional heft is the best way I can describe his music.


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