Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New & Noteworthy: Titus Andronicus, Tamaryn, Woods, The Soft Pack, The Wallflowers

Titus Andronicus-"In A Big City"

It's been about 2 and a half years since we've heard from New Jersey outfit Titus Andronicus. Last time out it was the sprawling "The Monitor" an album loosely based on The American Civil War (the concept alluded me except for the spoken passages between songs and the battle cry of "The enemy is EVERYWHERE!"). "The Monitor" has grown on me in a good way in the two years that have passed and I'm kind of stoked to see what their new album "Local Business" has in store. My prediction? Something less sprawling and the first available song "In A Big City" fortifies my hunch. This may be a lean machine of an album. "Local Business" is due out on October 23rd.

Tamaryn-"Heavenly Bodies"

One of my favorite happy surprises since starting the blog was the droned out, shoegazing bliss of San Francisco based band Tamaryn and their album "The Waves" released in 2010. It was a whim pickup. It reminds me of My Bloody Valentine playing in Antarctica....frosty and chilling and desolate. Their latest single "Heavenly Bodies" from their upcoming album" Tender New Signs" (Due out in October) is available to check out now. Still sound glorious to me (and they don't call it shoegazing anymore...them kids are call it skygazing...).

 Woods-"Cali In A Cup"

It's time for the annual "Woods" release folks. Another fuzzed out blend of folk trapped somewhere between the Dead and the Byrds just came out yesterday. Lead off single "Cali In A Cup" follows a similar pattern to older entries from the band but that Neil Young harmonica makes this thing so damn inviting. And usually these guys sound a bit distant. Looking forward to seeing if their new album is as tight and warm as "Cali In A Cup" or if it's a red herring. Will find out shortly. "Bend Beyond" is available now. 

 The Soft Pack-"Saratoga"

San Diego indie rock band The Soft Pack will have their their release coming out next week and their first single "Saratoga" has been bouncing around my eardrums for over a month now. I'm still on the fence if it's a pick-up or not. I love the guitar acceleration in the chorus and lead man Matt Lamkin's distant vocals. It's a fantastic lead single that reminds me of some early 90's 'buzz-bands"...the ones not closely associated with Grunge, that is. Their album "Strapped" is officially out on September 25th.

The Wallflowers-'Reboot The Mission"

My brother said to give the new Wallflowers a spin so it took me a month to get around to it. Sounds like Jakob Dylan is bathing in his admiration/fandom for late day Clash dancehall even to the point of bringing in Mick Jones from The Clash for background vocals. Surprisingly, Dylan's deadpan vocal delivery works well in this situation and I mean that as a compliment. Will I listen to a whole album of this? Probably not. But it's good to see Dylan's spreading his wings still. Father Bob's latest album is availaible now and the new Wallflower's album "Glad All Over" is out in October and the movie "The Perks Of BEING a WALLFLOWER" with Miss Emma Watson is out on Friday. It's the autumn of Dylans and Wallflowers!

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