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Top 100 Songs Of 2012 (100-76)

Another year of music has flown by and station to station is ready to look at the 100 favorite songs of 2012. It's officially our third year running and one of my favorite things to do is compile the best I've heard from the past year. This year, we'll run down the top songs in 4 parts with the Top 25 songs being posted on Thursday. Also look for favorite albums of 2012 next Monday, Uncle Salty's favorites next week and a poll asking the reader's what their favorite albums of 2012 were. It's a celebration of the best music of the year.

So without further adieu, here's Part 1 of 4 of the Top 100 songs on station to station from 2012.

Top 100 Songs of 2012 (100-76) (Part 1)

100. The Men-Turn It Around
Quick Take: The top sounds like the Doobie Brothers' "China Grove" sped up 78x. An adrenaline rush that led off The Men's authentically varied "Open Your Heart" album this year is a prefect opener to this countdown.

99. Woods-Find Them Empty
Quick Take: Those guitars sound like they're strangling the great organ backdrop. One of three winners from the always fascinating quasi folk world of Woods.

98. Jack White-Freedom At 21
Quick Take: White is downright scathing in this one talking about his view of women in the 21st century. The lead guitar is persistently nasty and the echo of percussion keeps this song alarmingly fresh.

Porcelain Raft
97. Porcelain Raft-Drifting In And Out
Quick Take: If chillwave's tide had risen in 2010 and 2011 then Porcelain Raft lets out one last ebb in 2012 with this gorgeous and paranoid piece where you can feel yourself almost drifting in and out of consciousness.

96. Hot Chip-Night & Day
Quick Take: Hot Chip remains one of the most consistent synth pop artists of the new millennium and with the workout stomp of "Night and Day", one of the most catchy artists around today. Put this on your next workout 'mix' and burn those calories.

95. King Tuff-Bad Thing
Quick Take: There just wasn't enough snotty indie rock songs in 2012, honestly. Thank goodness King Tuff delivered something that fits the category to a T. The chorus of "I'm A Bad Bad Thing" is embarrassingly good.

94. Choir Of Young Believers-Patricia's Thirst
Quick Take: If you like the new romantic sounds of early 80's artists then Denmark's Choir Of Young Believer's delivers in spades, especially on this lead off single which has a trademark far east keyboard part to boot.

93. Bear In Heaven-Sinful Nature
Quick Take: A lot of songs on "I Love You, It's Cool" reminded me of Rush's heavy keyboard era ("Signals", "Grace Under Pressure", or the song "Subdivisions"). "Sinful Nature" has a cool guitar line running throughout the song to cap off this album's biggest highlight.

Dirty Projectors
92. Dirty Projectors-Dance For You
Quick Take: Just one small, stuttering love song from Dirty Projectors. The guitar line and the part about boogieing down is worth the price of admission...and the heartfelt chorus is great as well.

91. Spiritualized-Too Late
Quick Take: Those strings make my heart swoon every time I listen to "Too Late" a son song about regret and loss. A simple tale about love that will keep you yearning for more which Spiritualized provided plenty of with 2012's "Sweet Heart Sweet Light."

90. Japandroids-Adrenaline Nightshift
Quick Take: The song title says it all. There's no high quite like this as guitars crash down on one of Japandroids highlights from "Celebration Rock". A huge adrenaline rush which these Canadians are starting to master the craft of. Smart adrenaline guitar-rock anthems.

89. Ty Segall-You're The Doctor
Quick Take: A quick surge of campy garage rock. Segall continues to lead the way in the current movement of San Francisco garage rants. The cattiness of the line "There's a problem in my brain!" makes you want to...dare I say, boogie?!?

88. Bloc Party-Octopus
Quick Take: Ah, the old Bloc Party I used to love. Calculated, cool, slightly rocking and loops floating around like there's no tomorrow. "Octopus" may not have you sing out loud but your head will stutter along every time you hear it.

Young Magic
87. Young Magic-Sparkly
Quick Take: This is what Yeasayer sounded like on their debut: Percussive, atmospheric and almost Middle Eastern in it's vibe. Put this one on when the sun rises on a clear summer day.

86. Beachwood Sparks-Forget The Song
Quick Take: Sun soaked, California country folk always sounds sweet. The slide guitar and the cool breeze of a chorus including "It's the winter in my heart" is a home run. Makes me want to drive down a deserted highway in Cali.

85. First Aid Kit-Blue
Quick Take: Love the bells that punctuate this folk song about dealing with loss. And of course hose harmonies make me swoon every time I hear First Aid Kit.

84. Thee Oh Sees-Hang A Picture
Quick Take: Based on  a single riff of something that sounds like a bassoon or deep brass instrument, Hang A Picture shows Thee Oh Sees branching out a bit more in variety than what they had on previous albums.

83. Tame Impala-Music To Walk Home By
Quick Take: So many good songs on "Lonerism", Music To Walk Home By feels light at the beginning but yet reveals itself to be just another psychedelic opus of guitars and laser keys floating around the stratosphere. I'd walk home to this any day.
White Rabbits
82. White Rabbits-Danny Come Inside
Quick Take: It doesn't score much in lyrical content but Danny Come Inside has the chugging optimism of a song that kept me training for a marathon back in March. And there's all those sound effects flying around. Like a locomotive running into a tornado.

81. Alabama Shakes-I Ain't The Same
Quick Take: I bet this would have been a hit in 1971. One of the standouts from Alabama Shakes debut LP has one of my favorite lines of the year: "I ain't what I used to be". Change is always good even embracing the past like A Shakes does so well.

80. Cody ChesnuTT-'Till I Met Thee
Quick Take: Uplifting opener to ChesnuTT's latest album is part gospel, part Gaye and part carefree. A call to finding your savior has never sounded so sweet. 3rd Verse.

79. The Tallest Man On Earth-Revelation Blues
Quick Take: One of my favorites from The Tallest Man On Earth's latest album. I don't know if it's cause I like to hear Matsson throw in the word damn or because his guitar work just dazzles on this one.

78. Of Monsters & Men-Little Talks
Quick Take: Adzilla pointed this one out to me becuase I like Icelandic music, horns and the Arcade Fire. It's a pit poppy but I'd rather see this take off than some songs. Great back and forth between vocals as well. A slight guilty pleasure.
Hot Chip
77. Hot Chip-Don't Deny Your Heart
Quick Take: From the strange vocal grunt to the spry keys and the uplifting chorus to don't deny your heart, Hot Chip has spun just another love song for the dance floor or for people who dearly miss Erasure's sense of synth pop. And the bridge in this one is great as well.

76. Field Music-I Keep Thinkin' Bout A New Thing
Quick Take: As usual, everything about Field Music reminds me of early XTC and as usual I will probably like some or all of what they release. This was my favorite from the this past year off of "Plumb"...that guitar is persistently catchy.

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