Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten: Ten Songs For Sydney

Ten songs for my beautiful daughter who turns one week old today. These are ten songs that have come to my mind first in getting to know her in just a week's time. Maybe someday when she's older she can look back at this list and know her dad and mom love her very much. You've inspired us both and we hope we'll do the same for you in the future. I'll get this list uploaded as a playlist as soon as time allows on your IPOD. As I write this post up, you're asleep in a blue rocking chair underneath the Christmas tree while mom is catching up on some much needed z's upstairs. Sweet dreams sweetheart.....

1. INXS-Beautiful Girl
2. Smashing Pumpkins-Beautiful
3. Stevie Wonder-Isn't She Lovely?
4. Nick Drake-From The Morning
5. The Beatles-Here Comes The Sun
6. Arcade Fire-The Suburbs
7. Pearl Jam-Just Breathe
8. R.E.M.-You Are The Everything
9. Bon Iver-Holocene
10. Beach House-Take Care


  1. Wow, congratulations! Lovely choice of songs too.

  2. Congrats again. Nice stuff- if it expands past ten
    Gracie - Ben Folds
    Father and Daughter- Paul Simon
    Do What You Do - Chuck Ragan

    Callie used to like Man on the Silver Mountain but sadly it no longer amuses her

  3. Very nice list and beautiful words!
    For the record, she also likes Tim McGraw!
    Happy one week birthday Sydney!