Thursday, January 17, 2013

#479: Bob Mould-See A Little Light (Top 500 Modern Rock Songs Of All Time)

(Top Modern Rock Songs Of All Time)
Song: "See A Little Light"
Artist: Bob Mould
Release Date: April, 1989
From the Album: Workbook (1989)

Quick Note: Much as Grant Hart's "2541" had been the year before, Bob Mould's first solo single "See A Little Light" was widely perceived as his commentary on Husker Du's acrimonious 1987 breakup. If so, it seems Mould was more resigned than his ex-bandmate; the song is tinged with regret, but it's unapologetic in its emotions. ("All the words we said yesterday/That's a long time ago," Mould snarls before breaking into an accusatory "You didn't think I'd really go, now?") Musically, the song is a wonder; the prettiness that lurked just under the surface of so many of Mould's Husker Du songs is in full view here. Based on acoustic rhythm guitars and a lead guitar part that redefines the term "jangly," and colored with Jane Scarpantoni's mournful-sounding cello, "See A Little Light" is a chiaroscuro blend of disillusionment and hope, but Mould borrows a trick from Brian Wilson for the song's second half. The song modulates upwards for Scarpantoni's cello solo and again during the repeated choruses that follow, giving an impression of rising and relief that's quite effective both musically and thematically.

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