Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Year Was...1982

Random Playlist For 1982:
1. Bruce Springsteen-Atlantic City
2. The The-Uncertain Smile
3. Marvin Gaye-Sexual Healing
4. Tears For Fears-Mad World
5. Iron Maiden-The Number Of The Beast
6. The Clash-Rock The Casbah
7. Michael Jackson-Human Nature
8. The Jam-Beat Surrender
9. ABC-Poison Arrow
10. Elvis Costello-Beyond Belief
11. Culture Club-Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
12. Duran Duran-Rio

7 Albums Worth Revisiting From 1982:
1. Elvis Costello-Imperial Bedroom
2. Bruce Springsteen-Nebraska
3. Prince-1999
4. Richard and Linda Thompson-Shoot Out The Lights
5. ABC-The Lexicon Of Love
6. Iron Maiden-The Number Of The Beast
7. Michael Jackson-Thriller 

Random Quote From A Song From 1982:
You lit the fuse, I stand accused You were the first for me But you turned me out, baby
"The Bomb"

Random Thoughts On A Song From 1982:
I remember 1982 being the year I wanted to start my own collection of music to rival my dad's vinyl collection. And it was around this time I remember the cassette being the next big thing. But how to rival it in such a quick time? Columbia House of course!!! I could get up to 10 cassette tapes for a penny as long as I would purchase another cassette (or two...can't remember) in the next year. It was easy to amass a huge collection instantly. And for an 8 year old's ears, nothing sounded better than Eddy Grant's "Killer On The Rampage." Of course "Electric Avenue" won the ears of many listeners but I was more enthralled with the carribean inspired "I Don't Wanna Dance" and the video that accompanied showing Grant walking around his native home's sandy beaches. True, looking back Grant's music was a lite take on the popularity of the time of the wake of Bob Marley's death but it was undoubtedly catchy at the time. The chorus was a knockout, the steel drums heavenly and the refrain "Dance with you baby no more" still haunts me to this very day. 

"Hold Out The Feeling Is Back...The Feeling Is Back..." 

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