Monday, February 4, 2013

#457: New Order-Regret (Top 500 Modern Rock Songs Of All Time)

(Top Modern Rock Songs Of All Time)
Song: "Regret"
Artist: New Order
Release Date: April, 1993
From the Album: Republic (1993)

Quick Take: Almost four years after the release of 1989's Technique, New Order fans around the world eagerly awaited the trailer single, "Regret," to find out what changes the band had made for their sixth LP in more than a dozen years. Fortunately, the answer was not much. As sublime a balance of obtuse lyrics, just barely emoted vocals, vague club leanings, and grooving synth melodics as their classic material, "Regret" hit the British Top Five and, led by a video that actually pictured members of the band, stormed the American Top 40 (a first for the band).

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