Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Music Reviews: Holopaw-Academy Songs, Volume 1

Holopaw-Academy Songs, Volume 1
Average Score: 63
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70 Consequence Of Sound
All this sentiment on Academy Songs finds quaint meaning in an age of foreclosures and abandoned dreams. It also speaks to the gradual loss of innocence: Boys cannot remain at the academy forever and all snow must melt.
70 Paste
Academy is an ambitious album. Unfortunately, it lacks in the final burst of tenacity needed to alleviate the aural blue balls it conjures.
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70 AllMusic
It's an obtuse story arc, to be sure, but by the end we feel like we've at least witnessed someone going through something important, even if we can't quite connect to it ourselves or even be sure what it is. 
60 Pop Matters
Holopaw has long been an unsung hero in pop music, a band still waiting to get its due, and as such they are incapable of making a record that isn’t awfully compelling.
58 Pitchfork
Here they've whittled their sound to a particular kind of gossamer indie rock that's rich in montage-ready ambience but poor in structure, flourish, and personality. The songs drift and wander, aiming for mystery but too often miring in preciousness.

50 Under The Radar
After the sparse and pretty "Bedfellows Farewell," which offers a tender counterpoint to virtually every other song on the album, Academy quickly loses steam. The songs straighten out and button up without a sense of exploration, like a flat desert road on a long drive.

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