Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Year Was...1998

Random Playlist For 1998:
1. Beck-Nobody's Fault But My Own
2. Semisonic-Closing Time
3. Air-Sexy Boy
4. Jay-Z-Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)
5. UNKLE-Rabbit In Your Headlights
6. Elliott Smith-Waltz #2
7. Hole-Malibu
8. Goo Goo Dolls-Iris
9. Jeff Buckley-Everybody Here Wants You
10. Lauryn Hill-Ex-Factor
11. Fatboy Slim-Praise You
12. Harvey Danger-Flagpole Sitta

7 Albums Worth Revisiting From 1998:
1. Mercury Rev-Deserter's Songs
2. Lucinda Williams-Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
3. Elliot Smith-XO
4. Fatboy Slim-You've Come A Long Way Baby
5. Air-Moon Safari
6. Pulp-This Is Hardcore
7. Lauryn Hill-The Miseduacation Of Lauryn Hill

Random Quote From A Song From 1998:
Now he's getting a tattoo, Yeah he's gettin' ink done. He asked for a 13, but they drew a thirty one. Friends say he's trying to hard, and he's not quite hip. But in his own mind he's the dopest trip.

The Song:
Unos, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, cinco seis

Random Thoughts On A Song From 1998:
I lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a short time between 98-99. One of the first songs I remember hearing on the radio when we moved to the Great Lakes, Great Times state was something by a band called the New Radicals. It was called "You Get What You Give" and I fell head over heels over it out of the gate. It had a chiming keyboard, glossy but not over the top production and a great vocal from lead man (basically the whole band) Gregg Alexander who felt like a modern day Todd Rundgren at the time. It felt like an anthem of "Good Sentiment". Remember, you get what you give. Then after seeing the video on MTV, I gave them another stamp of approval. Young folks tying up and caging adults in a shopping mall, pure chaos (Cheers to the youthful rebellion) and Alexander sporting a bucket hat. That was good enough for me to keep notice of The New Radicals in the upcoming months. The song took off and for good reason. It was off the hook catchy. I never met anyone who poo-pooed "You Get What You Give." Then to find out the band had the girl from Archie Bunker's Place in the touring band, well I was on board. I didn't even pay attention to the fact he was calling out Beck, Hanson, Marilyn Manson and someone else...oh yeah Courtney Love. All big stars in 98, the song attracted attention for Alexander calling them all fakes and if they come around he'd kick their asses. That's all in good fun. Even Beck was pleased Alexander didn't decide to kick his ass in.

But here's the strange correlation with Alexander's band and my time in Michigan. "You Get What You Give" was released in November of 1998 the same month we made the move to Grand "Freaking" Rapids. The New Radicals were defunct by July of the next year as Alexander felt the band had accomplished everything they could (Hell, I never even heard a second single to be honest). And two and a half months later at the end of September, we headed out of Michigan to move south of the border in September. We both shared the same lifespan in MI. But I tell ya, that song is still a ball of goodness 15 years later. And it's a bona fide "One Hit Wonder."

Have A Listen!
"The Dreamer's Disease"

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