Wednesday, November 27, 2013

#258: Sublime-Santeria (Top 500 Modern Rock Songs Of All Time)

(Top Modern Rock Songs Of All Time)
Song: "Santeria"
Artist: Sublime
Release Date: January, 1997
From the Album: Sublime (1996)

Quick Take: "Santeria" is a song by Sublime on the album Sublime. The song includes the bassline and guitar riff from Sublime's earlier song "Lincoln Highway Dub" off the album Robbin' the Hood. Santería refers to the religion practiced in the Caribbean in which Yorùbá orishas are syncretized with Roman Catholic saints. This song tells the story of a jealous ex-boyfriend who is planning to take revenge on the man who stole his girlfriend. The man mentions using violent force as he speaks of "popping a cap in Sancho" and "putting that barrel straight down Sancho's throat". The lead singer of Sublime, Bradley Nowell, refers to the man as "sancho" and his ex-girlfriend as "heina". In Mexico, a man who steals another man's girlfriend is often referred to as "sancho" and a man's woman or girlfriend is referred to as "heina", which is adapted from the Spanish word "reina", meaning queen in English. A music video was filmed in 1997 after the death of lead singer Bradley Nowell, who makes a cameo via stock footage. During the video, his beloved Lou Dog is seen along with the other members of Sublime remembering him. The video was a visualization of the story told in the song in the form of a Western, and featured Tom Lister, Jr. as Sancho. "Santeria" was a moderate U.S. crossover hit in the spring of 1997, cracking the Top 5 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart as well as reaching #43 on the Hot 100 Airplay chart.
Courtesy: Wikipedia

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