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Anyone who has ever wanted to promote something, be it a person, organization, cause or project, knows that the most important part of this is content creation. You also know that this goes way past keywords and topics that look like what everyone else is doing.

What you need is an approach that that is effective for your strategy and that is also completely unique and unlike what everyone else is doing.

Following is a list of helpful ways to do this in a riveting manner that furthers your mission.


Tools for Discovering and Organizing Ideas

  1. Trello

Once you have your idea formulated, you want to be able to delegate tasks to your team so that you can see how well they perform. Use Trello to present boards, lists and charts that you can share with everyone in one place. This consolidated way to present information is completely effortless and easy to use.


Trello is also perfect for putting together lists of staff, tasks, important information and any other category of information that needs to be shared among your team.


  1. Mindmeister

Getting started involves developing a content creation plan, which you can use to organize your information into a usable plan. Not all topics are going to be ones that your audience loves so you’ll have to take the time to brainstorm your ideas.


Mindmeister is the perfect tool to help you do all of this and more. The software helps inspire you to organize your ideas in visually appealing and organized ways.


In addition to using it to create your content plan, you can also use Mindmeister for any individual piece of content.


  1. Google Calendar

Once you have your list of ideas put together, you need to turn them into a content strategy and that’s why you need Google Calendar.


This handy calendar lets you plan dates, topics and any type of content you need to create or present. You’ll also use it plan social media promotion and interaction as well as other effective ways to bring your content to your audience. Having a doable plan for everything helps you achieve your content strategy goals.


This calendar is completely interactive and can be shared with all of your team members so you can stay on track with everything that;s going on.


Tools for Writing and Editing


  1. Assignment Masters

When you can rely on the best content creators and writers, you can feel great about the content you present to your audience. Finding those people can be a difficult endeavor if you don’t already have a good team in place.


Assignment Masters lets you outsource all of your content creation to the true professionals. You can connect with the exact people you need to produce quality content and who understand exactly what your site requires, including facts and creativity.


If you’re committed to writing your own content, use the service to edit what you’ve created so it’s flawless when you share it.


  1. Google Drive

This is the easiest word processor you’ll find and it allows you to create all the content you need, which is then automatically saved in the cloud. You’ll never have to worry about losing important documents and you’ll have all the storage space you need to organize and keep all of the important content you need.


This program is also collaborative so you can share your information and invite others to see and share what you’ve done.


Tools for Analytics


  1. Google Analytics

You can’t create a content marketing campaign without this program. You’ll use it get a clear picture of how your social media and website traffic is going and you can see and chart all of that information all in one place. Use it to know exactly how effective your campaign is.


  1. Webtrends

Once you have your content created and have shared it, you need to be able to see how effective it is and how it’s doing among your audience. Webtrends does all the measuring and analyzing for you. Your results allow you insight into what your audience likes and wants more of. That way you can focus on the types of content that are most effective and lets you skip the stuff your audience doesn’t want or like.


Ideal content creation isn’t something that you’ll find really easy. You’ll have to put in a lot of time and effort to do the job correctly. Despite everything, you’ll learn and grow along the way. The great tools on this list are a great place to start to make your challenge easier.

This guest post was written by Kate Simpson,?a managing writer at Assignment Masters. She is currently contributing a series of articles on copywriting techniques. For more follow her on twitter.

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