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As a content writer for Rough Maps you will be responsible for writing awesome lists, stories and editorials for our website roughmaps.com.

This is a fantastic opportunity for awesome travel writers who want to work remotely and make some fun money! We write about topics related primarily to world culture and travel. We are hoping to find writers who can do between 2-4 articles per week.


  • Hold a bachelors degree or are currently a student studying
  • You are reliable
  • Travel Experience is a must
  • You keep a close eye on your inbox and jump on assignments faster than we can throw ’em at you
  • You write polished prose that requires very minimal copy editing
  • You are very adaptable and can write in a variety of voices for different audiences
  • You know how to write in a breezy, light, fun voice
  • You caught the the mistake in this sentence

Please send a resume/writing sample with your application or you will not be considered. For a writing sample please use a topic that fits any of these categories travel or culture focused and follow the style guide. Please include 3 points.

Sample style guide:

Article Title: “30 Most Dangerous Countries in the World”

Subheading: “1. Probably Shouldn’t Have Booked That Flight To Mexico.”

Point 1 Content: “…..”

Please send all resumes and writing samples to hello@roughmaps.com

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