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Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Your Writing Overseas

Many inexperienced businesspeople think that writing is something that should come cheaply, for various reasons.? Some people believe that they have the ability to do it and don’t really want to hire a writer, some managers don’t think a writer could possibly know their business well enough to do a good job, so any old thing will do and they will “fix it up” themselves.

Setting a Bad Example

There is no doubt that hiring an overseas writer is cheaper and they will get the job done.? Here is an example of how they get the job done:

OK, so it wasn’t that great, but it gets the attention of the search engines, right?? Wrong.? The purpose of search engines is to bring people to your site to either buy a product, a service, or to like it so much that they click on your ads.? This content will not get them to do any one of those things.

Your Content Is Cheap – Your Customer Will think You Are Too

Cheap content like the content linked to above will make your customers think that you will cheap out on the product that you are sending them; remember that trust is your most important customer retention and attraction tool on the internet.? That content certainly won’t inspire the loyalty that you are looking for to get the click-throughs on the ads that you are looking for.

But this guy says he can do a good job…

There is one thing that overseas firms are good at and that is marketing themselves.? Their websites, e-mails, and offers will be double and triple checked for grammar.? The content they write for you won’t be.? Good luck making them do it too – you just won’t be able to for what you are looking to pay.? They have a native English speaker vet all of the business communication, and the articles and content are submitted to you without the extra cost that incurs to them.? They have zero interest in after-sales customer service, so once you pay them, that is it.? Don’t think holding the check back will get them to do the job either – they simply don’t care and you aren’t paying them to care.

This is Making Me Angry…

It may very well be doing that.? However I know more than a few people who have gone the overseas, cheap route for their web content and been burned.? Let me give you an example closer to home.? I speak French.? Fluently enough that I have done trade shows for companies in French, performed sales and service over the phone, and was even hired part-time to help people out with their credit cards in French.? I would never dream of marketing myself as a French writer.? Writing is full of subtle nuances and terms that I wouldn’t be able to mimic, not being a native French speaker.? It is my strict view that if you are not a native speaker of the language, you shouldn’t be writing in it for money beyond simple marketing communications and e-mails that may be part of a “regular” job.? It is dishonest and unethical to say that you can do so.

This is by no means meant as a racial attack of any kind.? There are Indians who are native English speakers who do an awesome job.? They usually live in Europe or North America.? If you aren’t surrounded by the language, chances are good that you won’t be able to speak or write it well consistently enough to charge money for that service.

Who Should I Hire Then?

If you put an ad on Craigslist, Workopolis, or Monster, you will get tons of applications back from all over the world.? Don’t look at the e-mails that they are sending you or the samples that they link to – go with your gut.? Ask to see a personal blog and reassure them that you just want to see their style rather than judging them on beliefs or opinions.? Most native English speaking writers have a blog of their own that they call home that they generally don’t put on professional applications.? You’ll be able to tell right away how good they are from how they write unprofessionally.? Remember that samples and e-mails can be vetted through a native English speaker for money, and frequently are in the case of a lowballer.

You want content that is crisp, clean, witty and professional.? This just doesn’t come cheap.? The innate ability to write and write well is something limited to those who have the talent – and the language – to do so, and it is worth every penny that you will pay.? Most clients of proper freelance writers report immediate and excellent results.