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If any of you receive replies to jobs that violate any of the below criteria, please contact us and we will remove the listing.

Some form of reasonable compensation.? Reasonable means different things to different people, but if you are paying writers less than minimum wage, or less than $20 per blog post, we don’t want the listing. No free jobs or unpaid internships.

We list both freelance and full-time employment, as freelance writers may be interested in both at some point.

Technical Writing
We evaluate technical writing positions for suitability.? Most require a comp. sci or engineering degree, if that is the case we don’t list them here as writing is not the chief skill set that is being employed.

Non-Paying Employers
If someone stiffs you for cash and their listing is here, please let us know.? We’ll both take it down and not list anything from them in the future.

Open to Canadians
All listings on the site are supposed to be open to Canadians. If you are told your application won’t be accepted because you are Canadian, let us know and we’ll try to track down the listing and remove it.

Academic Writing Companies
We do not accept job listings from academic writing companies as these are frequently meant to provide essays for students, who should be writing their own assignments in order to graduate.

You can reach us at