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Want to hire a writer? We’ve got writers from all over Canada ready and waiting to take on your writing tasks.

Want to see your name or business here? Inclusion is simple. Throw up a link to this site from anywhere on your blog or website, then send us the URL of the page where the link is and a one sentence description of your company. Then we’ll link to you! All listings presented in alphabetical order by first name or name of company.

If you have no website, please feel free to just give me your e-mail. Keep in mind that your listing may be less attractive than one with a website, consider at least putting together a free one at WordPress.com.

Alex Colgan
Freelance writer, editor, and researcher based in Nova Scotia, with a background in political theory, academic research, and student journalism.

Amanda Greenman
I am a freelance writer, editor, and translator based in Montreal specializing in marketing and business communications, particularly in the consumer goods, small business, architecture and design, environment and technology fields. I also have a background in news journalism and academic proofreading.
Andrew Chap
A Freelance Writer and Media Relations Specialist, Andrew has been able to?garner national media coverage for small brands while consistently being?published on digital platforms and in print.?With a background in Advanced Public Relations and Broadcasting he currently?writes features on sports, travel and film, as well as drafting?marketing/P.R. materials such press releases and biographies.

Angela Livingstone
I am a freelance writer and graduate student working in Ottawa, ON. I am also an experienced academic proofreader.

Angela Mombourquette
Freelance writer (newspapers, magazines, web).

As a freelance writer for eight years I have numerous published pieces?both on line and in print.?I am essentially a business profile writer, but certainly not limited?to such. I also produce general/human interest pieces to a wide?audience.?Clients are always satisfied with the final product mostly, in part,?to my research, interviewing and writing capabilities. I try to leave?“no stone unturned” when researching, so that a clear picture may be?realized for any given assignment. I’m also very adept at pitching?ideas – always looking for that unique angle for a particular subject?matter, amongst the media noise. Here are a few links showcasing my work :

Ashley Collie
Professional, cool and internationally published & tech savvy writer (from Playboy Magazine to Sports Illustrated & Maclean’s — both hard copy & online publications), author & blogger, as well as handling video blogs, writing/promotion, newsletters for businesses.

Bonnie Zink
I am a freelance writer who specializes in copy writing/editing, web site copy, newsletters, annual reports/reviews, articles related to lifestyle and fibre arts (knitting, sewing, and other needle work).? I am based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Bryan McWilliam
Freelance journalist from Toronto, Canada who offers: writing, resume, interview, social media and copywriting services.

Cameron Duder Research, Writing & Editing
I am a freelance writer, editor, book indexer and researcher with a background in history, gender, and sexuality studies. I write non-fiction articles and books, reports and other materials for non-profit organizations, and autobiographical and biographical materials, including oral histories.

Caroline Pigott
Caroline operates a Toronto-based freelance writing business, CP Style. Helping businesses grow through marketing and communication writing including content for business websites, blogs, articles, newsletters, press releases and much more.

Candace Batchelor
I have a background in science and allopathic medicine. In addition to co-founding a socially responsible caregiver agency, I am an avid writer with special interests in health and wellness, systematic treatment reviews and – for better or for worse – self-discovery. My writing style is professionally warm – I am thorough, yet humane (even quirky given the opportunity – eh!). My writing can be easily used in blogs, websites, magazines, brochures and biographies – to name a few.?Email:professionallywarm@gmail.com

Catherine Chea
Professional copywriter based in Toronto with a background in B2B and digital marketing.

Cheryl Santa Maria
Cheryl is available for corporate and marketing communications, event coverage, professional blogging and more.

Christine Peets
Principal at Captions Communications. Member, Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) Writer, writing and business communications instructor;? Freelance Writing, Training in writing and business communication; Seminars on all aspects of writing. I will help you deliver clear, concise and creative business and personal communication.

Christine Rowlands
Christine writes about food, travel, bicycling, and books for magazines and websites, and is available for editing projects that require an eye for detail.

Clive Branson
Clive is an advertising and marketing copywriter with over 16 years experience in writing for traditional advertising and broadcasting as well as online assignments. Clients range from the Fortune 500 to those around the local corner and are based in Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax, New York, Bermuda and Belfast.

Dara Sherwood
I am a freelance writer focusing on issues in education and raising children.? I have a Bachelor’s degree both in English and in Education, and I can write anything from articles, blogs and emails to advertisements and copywriting.

David Shaw
David Shaw is an experienced online and print media writer with expertise in several fields. He has written professionally for such varied publications and websites as The Online Yellow Pages, Press Review Magazine, Cannonball Run Pit Stop, The Journal of the Canadian Dental Association and The Canadian Produce Marketing Association. Dave is the former host and head writer for the Silver Screen Classics Television series “Condensed Classics with Dave Shaw”.

Ellen McKay
Freelance technical writer, with in the software and banking industries.

Emmanuelle Undine
I’m a freelance creative copywriter specializing in erotica and critical-reflective sex journalism. My online publications include blog-post series for Peeperz and Life on the Swingset.

Erika Cuccaro
Art – Print – Corporate – Small Business – Creative Writing

Erin is an SME strategist turned writer, available for copywriting/editing, editorial services, website strategy/copy and more. ?She has regular columns in several wellness publications including Sweat Equity Magazine.

Evan Andrew Mackay
I am a freelance writer of humour,? culture and social justice. I’m a blogger, scriptwriter and journalist, a linguist and a traveller.

Florence Saint-Claire Houssais
Freelance – Fran?ais international. Ecrivain – Concepteur narratif —
Rédacteur technique (domaine juridique et de la santé-nutrition) —
Réviseur-Correcteur –Traducteur de l’anglais au fran?ais (domaine général).
Auteur publié (Pearson Education). Dipl?mée de l’université (ma?trise en?droit- Panthéon-Sorbonne).

Gabriel Mederos
Creative content, blog, corporate and marketing writer.

Gayle Moss
A member?of the?Professional Writers Association of Canada,?I have more than 10 years of experience in corporate communications, copywriting, blogging and storytelling for the technology, ePublishing, golf and non-profit sectors. ?I have a reputation for producing compelling content on a wide range of topics, in a variety of voices and styles that resonate with different readers online, in print, in advertising and in the media.

Ginelle Colorado
Freelance writer and communications representative (Web Content, Articles, Brochures).

Girls With Pens
We specialize in writing web copy, SEO, and the faith-based market in Canada.

Harriette Halepis
Harriette Halepis is an academically trained (English Lit/Professional Writing) professional writer based in Montreal.

Heather Wright
From web copy, to promotional material, to social media, Heather specializes in clear, to-the-point language that gives your message the impact it needs to connect with your clients.

Hire the Ghostwriter
Hire the Ghostwriter?is a freelance writing business that is dedicated to serving clients with quality writing in an optimum matter of time!

Huffman Road Productions
HuffRo brings writing techniques from some of the best branding labs in the world straight to your laptop. Get fresh, hot copy in just one click.

Jackie Taylor
I am a freelance writer from, Alberta living in Prince Edward Island. I write copy, blogs, newspapers, magazines, and social media. I have a BSc in Biology.

Janet Boccone – Second Glance Writing Services
Newsletters, direct mail, brochures, web content, feature articles and more. Second Glance provides compelling copy that generates results.

Janet Corcoran
I am a freelance copywriter, marketing consultant and event planner.

Jason Clements
As a web content specialist, I improve the website experience for your visitors by focusing on content and navigation to improve usability and ensure you have an effective and meaningful website that helps visitors get answers and take action.

Jason Hannula
Jason Hannula is a technology writer focused on the business impact of new technologies. He comes from an background of working in the trenches of IT as an engineer and business analyst mixed with a decade of customer service in the hospitality world. He will bring your technical brilliance to your audience in their language.

Jean Mills
Writer and editor; web copy; corporate communications; features, reviews and articles for newspapers and magazines; business communications training. Writing with a focus on audience, purpose, and style.
Jeff Keller – Spilt Ink Writing & Editing
As a former magazine editor, with over 500 published articles, I have researched and written on more topics than I can remember. I specialize in clarifying difficult, often technical, ideas. In the biotech arena, I’ve written extensively on matters pertaining to photonics/imaging, oncology and dentistry. For my ERP clients I’ve created over 60 case studies (focusing on product implementation, features, usage and ROI) and a number of white papers. I’ve recently begun to ghost-write corporate blogs, which I very much enjoy. I have also worked with inventors and Phds to prepare business plans, grant applications and articles for peer review. Last two significant web projects: yesbiotechnology.com (writing, project management). deadatnoon.com (editing, site construction). You can reach me at?spiltink@gmail.com.

Jenka Creations
Jenka Creations provide affordable services for all your writing needs.

Jenn Hardy
Jenn Hardy is a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada. She is available for writing, editing, proofreading and social media packages.

Jessica Mendes
Smart, honest, creative and down-to-earth professional writer excels in personal and professional branding. I will capture the essence of your brand (for web sites, pitches, promotional or marketing copy), character (for statements, profiles, bios) or message (everything in between!) I find “the thing” that makes you stand apart from everyone else. My background includes journal & newspaper writing (including Canadian Medical Association Journal, the Ottawa Citizen and the Globe & Mail), web site content, resume writing and fiction. I offer a personalized and tailored approach. Please contact me for samples: (416) 367-1011 or?sensorybeing@gmail.com.

Jessica Wong
Jessica is available for writing/editing/fact-checking articles about science, technology, the environment, and its implications.

Julia Aitken
Canadian freelance writer and editor specializing in food and drink, nutrition and health. Author of three cookbooks.

Joe Doyon
Joe is an experienced freelance writer, editor, proofreader and interviewer, specializing in sports, TV, movies, music, pop culture, world affairs and history.

Karen Luttrell
Toronto-based communications consultant and copywriter Karen Luttrell helps small businesses and non-profits build awareness, trust and action with clear and compelling messages.

Kathy Dueck
I’m a freelance writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada. My work has appeared in print and online for various publications.

Kelly Anderson
Freelance writer specializing in interior design and non-profit fundraising writing.

Kris Rogerson
Kris Rogerson is a copywriter specializing in web content, seo, articles, press releases – and pretty much anything else to do with the written word. Located in Vancouver BC, I have had great success increasing web traffic up to 80% – I love what I do and it is proven in my work. Contact me through my website: www.krisrogerson.com.

Krista Watts
Krista Watts is a Canadian stay at home mom of one and freelance writer, editor, blogger, virtual help desk operator, and consultant.

Linda Poitevin
Freelance writer/editor in the Ottawa area, specializing in web content and SEO optimization.

Lisa Bucher
Lisa is a freelance writer, editor and marketing professional recently featured in Flare magazine. She has a degree in International Relations & Economics (Passionate about women’s sexual and reproductive rights and health on a National and global level.) and French Culture (Passionate about sensuality and sexuality) as well as Journalism (Print with some radio and television). With over 8 years of experience, her clients range from Toronto’s most prestigious escort agency to Today’s Bride to a professional magazine for eyecare professionals as well as the financial industry. Current clients are based in Toronto, Ottawa, New York and Minneapolis. She can easily change her tone, voice and writing styles and topics – writing about everything from sex/relationships to the latest technologies in the eyewear sector to marketing for the financial industry. However, her favourite topics happen to be sex/relationships, French culture and the art of seduction.

Lynne Melcombe
Lynne Melcombe has been a writer, editor, and communications?consultant for over 25 years. Her particular areas of experience?include freelance journalism, nonprofit communications, magazine?editing, copy editing of academic and educational materials, and?note-taking/content-capture at conferences and meetings, but she can?transfer skills laterally to serve a wide range of communications?needs.

Megan Shapka
Megan Shapka is a freelance writer and editor who always produces high-quality results in a professional and efficient manner.

Michael Parrott?
Writer and blogger on health, fitness, gaming and technoculture.

Michael Urbanski
I am an Ottawa based writer, editor and journalist.

Mike Martin
I am a freelance writer in Ottawa with over 15 years experience specializing in human resources and social issues.

Mike Peters
With an Honors degree in Film and Communications, I am a writer who focuses intensely on the issues surrounding film, music and popular culture.

Morden Communications
Morden Communications is an award-winning boutique corporate communications firm focused on strategic writing, editing and consulting.

Rhona-Mae Arca is a freelance writer and registered music teacher in Calgary. She specializes in articles and blogging relating to music, music education, reviews, pet health, geek culture and health and wellness. Rhona-Mae has over 20 years of work experience in the non profit, corporate and arts education sectors. She is well-versed in copy writing/editing, website copy, newsletters, and fund development materials. As the 2013 Tech Teacher of the year, she is comfortable working with social media and writing for the web.

Natalie Appleton
Natalie Appleton is an Okanagan-based freelance writer who specializes in print and web journalism, literary non-fiction and copywriting projects.

Natasha Lees
Natasha Lees is a professional freelance copywriter with over 17 years of experience in digital copywriting and content development for various online publications and platforms. Her focus is on copywriting, travel-related content, media reviews, hotel and hospitality content, developing content for company websites, ghostwriting, advertorials and creative writing. Clients include Trivago, Vail Resorts, Princess Cruises, Sunwing Vacation Group, Mastercard and more. Please visit her samples or email her directly at jervisfreelance@yahoo.com for any writing inquiries.

Nicola Burrows
Nicola has extensive experience in writing and editing and is available for freelance work.

Nolan Wilson
I am a freelance writer and researcher that focuses extensively on SEO articles, optimized web content, marketing copy, and social media development.

Nothing but the Narrative

Providing all manner of custom corporate content: newsletters, articles, reports, blogs, website content, company profiles, and ghostwriting.

Online Professional Writer
As an online writer, I focus on identifying and meeting your needs and the needs of your audience.?Let me help you achieve your goals. Writing, copy editing, proofreading, requirements documentation – we’ll take care of it.

Benefit from over 14 years of experience creating documentation for products from Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, BlackBerry, Sunlife Canada.

Perfect Pen Communications
Perfect Pen Communications will transform your writing into a superbly polished piece. With over 15 years of writing, editing and proofreading experience, we excel at creating clear, powerful and memorable written communication to suit all of your business, academic and personal writing needs.

Paula McKee
Paula is available for and experienced in a wide range of article and brochure writing, editing and proofreading.

Peter and Carol Moreira
We’re Halifax-based freelance writers with global experience. Though we focus now on business plans, we offer a range of services including all corporate writing, annual reports, government reports, health matters, etc. Our previous postings include five years in Asia, eight in Europe and seven in the U.S. and Canada.

Peter Wood
Ripple Outdoors specializes in blogging with audio interviews and video product reviews of your outdoor products with SEO quality links and white hat tactics for page ONE position on Google.

เล่นเกมยิงปลาได้เงินจริงPhilip J. Boucher
Phillip J. Boucher is a freelance general writer, author, copywriter, and ghostwriter who specializes in analogue two-way radio.

Rob Swystun
Rob Swystun is a freelance writer and editor living in Winnipeg who has over five years of professional writing experience to help you reach your communication goals.

Rose Webster
Rose is a fact-finding medical writer who has a knack for making the complex seem simple.

Rosemary Richings
Rosemary is a Toronto based freelance writer that specializes in reviews, web/blog writing, and articles on arts projects and events,pop culture, and running related topics.She also has a background in fiction, poetry writing, and has experimented with scriptwriting. She also offers social media assistance and does text transcription of videos and various media.

Samantha Stevens
An energetic and down to earth freelance writer and editor specializing in web content, creative writing, and healthy living and natural health articles.

Sandra Phinney
Sandra Phinney in an award-winning writer/photographer from Atlantic Canada. Her specialties include business and community profiles, health, lifestyle, and travel stories. She also does corporate work (brochures, web content, newsletter, scripts for video). Sandra’s penned two books and has two more in the works. She also delivers writing workshop throughout Canada focused on narrative, memoir and freelance writing.

Sarah Ball
I write concise, informative effective copy in the forms of web
content, product descriptions, blog posts, corporate communications,
articles, and reviews and more. See my portfolio
https://sarahballcopy.carbonmade.com and find me on LinkedIn:
https://ca.linkedin.com/in/sarahballcopy. Toronto based.

Sarah Del Rosario
I am a freelance writer (aspiring painter as well) working as a community outreach personnel at Open Colleges. Please feel free to send me an email at?<sarah.rosario@oc.edu.au>? for any additional information

Sean McCabe
I am a freelance writer and author with a background in writing for film, television, commercials, and music/pop culture for the web.

Savoir Dire Communications
Pharmaceutical experience is why most clients call, but I have considerable knowledge in many industries and an impressive creative portfolio. Good ideas, tight writing, reasonable rates.? Call Lorrie Beauchamp at 514.234.5808.

Sona Bingley
I am a writer, writing weekly,monthly blogs,published poems and short stories.

Suzanne Boles
Suzanne is an award-winning freelance journalist/editor, business writer/copywriter and writing instructor. Her roster of clients includes both publications and businesses.

Suzanne Fitzpatrick
Freelance Writer and Photographer, available for assignments ranging from Family issues to Restaurant reviews to Travel.

Urel Sawyers
I am a writer interested in blogging, writing for a newspaper or as a course writer on a part time basis.

Veronica Sinnaeve
Veronica Sinnaeve is a journalist, writer, and editor with web and social media expertise. Veronica is an Honours English graduate who has experience at a small press. She offers editing, writing, and web services.

Vicki Thomas
Experienced freelance writer, editor, and researcher. I have expertise in copywriting, SEO, technical writing, and journalism. My Bachelor of Journalism degree combined with my technical writing experience gives me a unique skill set of writing tools. I can be reached at vickith@yahoo.com.

Vince Di Clement
Member of The Writers Guild of Canada and official screenwriting mentor for Telefilm Canada.

Write Choice For You (www.writechoiceforyou.com)
Usha Krishnan Sliva is a freelance writer specializing in coaching and motivational articles, blog posts and web copy; and on green and eco-living topics.

Working Web Copy
(full disclosure – I run this site)
Working Web Copy specializes in online website and blog copy but will also do any kind of offline writing project. Since starting my business officially I’ve written 60 second commercial scripts, articles, blog postings, company brochures, case studies and more.

Wow Communications
WOW Communications & Training provides sales and marketing coaching and training for small business. The principles are Lynda & D’Arcy Kavanagh, both have an education in communications and marketing.

Zachary Fillingham
Zachary is a freelance writer who may specialize in humor and international politics, but is not above writing for Teen Beat.

Sean Kopen
Freelance writer, editor and editorial strategist?out of Edmonton, Alberta. Background in marketing and?instructional design, and has worked with commercial, industrial and?government sectors as well as startups. Has also worked extensively?with SEO and SEM as part of a digital agency.

Krystyna Lagowski
Toronto-based freelance writer and blogger, specializing in automotive but also well versed in tourism, health, fashion and many other topics. Currently writing feature stories for various trade publications, as well as website copy, newsletters, press releases, videos, scripts, and more.

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